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"Our Heart Is In Every Move"

Apartments Welcome!

Moving to a new apartment can be a very complicated process, with all the packing, labeling, loading, and moving. It can be annoying, but not to worry. We are here to help, as we know how hectic the whole process is. We are one of the best apartment movers in Baton Rouge and offer our complete support in making your move easy and absolutely stress free. We provide perfect solution to all your apartment moving needs. In addition to moving apartments, we also help move houses and offices. With many families already satisfied, we’re glad to have you join us in Baton Rouge. No matter whether you are planning to relocate locally or anywhere in the surrounding areas, our highly trained team will simplify your move. We offer our apartment moving services at competitive rates.

We assure you that all your items will be carefully and safely delivered to your new location. We are your #1 choice for Apartment moves in Baton Rouge!

Why Our Apartment Moving Service Is Better than Others?

There are two reasons why we are better than other moving services. Firstly, we have highly trained staff who have the expertise to properly handle your belongings. Secondly, our approach to moving involves putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers. We understand how complicated moving in or out of an apartment can be due to different building management rules. We are totally flexible and ensure your move sticks to the guidelines. This is why hiring Angel L. Moving Company, LLC is a pleasant experience for our clients, as we are a professional, family-owned company.

You just need to set an appointment with us. Before the moving date, our friendly team of Baton Rouge apartment movers will arrive at your place to inspect all the items that need to be moved. This way we can plan on making your move safe and enjoyable. We pack all your items in an organized fashion. We then label the packed goods to facilitate moving. Fragile items like mirrors, photo frames, glass, and others are packed in separate boxes to ensure safety. Furniture is packed with padding for extra protection.

We are a registered moving service and are equipped with commercially insured trucks that provide 100% safety for all your valuable belongings. We use the latest tools, such as sliders, grips, straps, and more to ensure that nothing gets broken or ruined during transportation. We take utmost care while loading. For instance, we never place heavy items like a TV on top of smaller items. So, you need not fear any damage to your valuables. To help protect entryways, we use padding blankets, door jam protectors, and floor runners.

When moving to your new apartment, we also help you unpack your belongings and assist in the reassembly of furniture. You can completely trust us. Just show us the stuff, and we’ll take care of the rest with our experienced hands.

Your Apartment Move Should,'t Be A Hassle